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                                              【Enlarge Vocabulary】 Get more petroleum vocabulary(U-Z)
                                              Zhong Hai Lin   |   2023-01-28   |   views:69




                                              uncased hole(well)未下套管井,裸眼井

                                              undamaged perforation無污染射孔

                                              underbalanced perforation負壓射孔

                                              underground work井下作業

                                              unexpected pay(expenses)不可預見費用

                                              unopened perforation堵塞的射孔孔眼           

                                              unrecoverable bridge plug不可回收橋塞

                                              unscheduled event意外事件                   

                                              unscheduled shutdown計劃外停工

                                              unscrew松扣,卸扣 unset packer封隔器解封


                                              validity of the contract合同的效力             

                                              validity of treaty協議的效力

                                              VDL(variable density log)變密度測井         

                                              venture analysis風險分析

                                              verbal agreement口頭協定          

                                              vernier caliper gauge游標卡尺

                                              vertical oriented perforation垂直定向射孔 

                                              vertical well直井

                                              virgin formation 未射開的地層                

                                              virgin reservoir未開采的油氣藏

                                              viscosity粘度 viscous crude 稠油

                                              viscous crude oil production,viscous oil recovery稠油開采

                                              void contract無效合同 VSP(vertical seismic profiling)垂直地震剖面


                                              wall rock圍巖

                                              warning board警告牌

                                              warning notice警告標志

                                              washing fluid洗井液

                                              wash over洗井

                                              water-based mud水基泥漿

                                              water-based drilling fluid水基鉆井液     

                                              water-bearing bed(formation,layer,zone)含水層

                                              water cushion水墊,測試墊

                                              water cut meter含水率測量儀

                                              water detector for annular log環空測井找水儀,環空測試儀

                                              water breakthrough(生產井)見水,出水

                                              water drive水驅

                                              watered-out zone,water flooded layer水淹層


                                              waterflood front水驅前緣

                                              waterflood injection well,water injection well,water input well注水井

                                              water flush水循環洗井

                                              water injection profile注水剖面,吸水剖面

                                              waterflood project注水方案

                                              water injection well stimulation注水井增注措施

                                              water injection well testing注水井測試       

                                              water injection response注水效果

                                              water-out reservoir水淹油層

                                              water percentage含水率

                                              water producer水淹井,油井出水

                                              water tanker水罐車

                                              wax-bearing crude含蠟原油

                                              wax removal清蠟

                                              weak bonding膠結不好

                                              wireline entry guide喇叭口

                                              weight bar,weight section加重桿

                                              wellbore damage井筒污染

                                              well bore configuration井身結構

                                              wellbore effect井筒影響

                                              wellbore gauging井徑測量

                                              wellbore quality井身質量

                                              well-calipering apparatus井徑儀

                                              well-cased perforating套管射孔

                                              well cementing operation固井作業

                                              well clean up,well cleanout洗井

                                              well completing test完井測試

                                              well completion practice完井作業

                                              well completion fluid完井液

                                              well control device井控裝置

                                              well control fluid壓井液

                                              well control operating壓井作業

                                              well head,well head assembly,wellhead device井口,井口裝置

                                              well head duty house井口值班房

                                              well head shut-in井口關井

                                              well kick井涌

                                              well killing job(operation)壓井作業

                                              well logging gauge測井儀

                                              well measurement井下測量

                                              well on the beam抽油井

                                              well placement井位

                                              well pulling machine(unit),well service hoist,well servicing rig(unit)修井機

                                              well pumping unit抽油機

                                              well service work修井作業

                                              well repair修井

                                              well sampling井下取樣

                                              well screen井下篩管

                                              well site illumination井場照明

                                              well site layout井場布置

                                              well site surveillance井場監督

                                              well testing operation測試作業

                                              well testing service測試服務

                                              well testing supervisor試油監督           

                                              well testing truck測試車

                                              well test planning試油計劃

                                              well thermometer井溫儀

                                              well-to-well tracer test井間示蹤劑測試

                                              well workover修井

                                              wet connector濕接頭

                                              WFT(wireline formation test)電纜地層測試

                                              wellhead platform井口平臺

                                              winch 絞車

                                              winch barrel(drum)絞車滾筒

                                              winch brake絞車剎車


                                              winchman control panel絞車控制面板

                                              winch truck吊車

                                              wireline blowout preventer鋼絲繩防噴器

                                              wireline clamp電纜繩卡

                                              wireline hitch電纜繩套

                                              wireline perforation gun電纜射孔槍

                                              wireline plug電纜橋塞

                                              wireline-set packer電纜坐封封隔器

                                              wireline trip電纜起下作業

                                              wireline truck,wireline winch unit電纜絞車

                                              wireline telemetry cartridge電纜遙測短節

                                              wire rope鋼絲繩

                                              wire-stripping pliers剝線鉗


                                              workover rig修井機

                                              work order工作定單

                                              water oil contact油水界面

                                              work accident操作事故

                                              work flow工作流程

                                              working cloths工作服

                                              working drawing施工圖

                                              working index工作指標

                                              working instruction(specification)操作規程

                                              working operation工序

                                              working quarter作業區

                                              working rule操作規則

                                              working site現場


                                              work injury工傷

                                              workover job(operation修井作業)

                                              work sheet施工單,明細表


                                              work the pipe free活動管柱使之解卡


                                              written contract書面合同

                                              written report書面報告


                                              zero clearing清零

                                              zero length零長

                                              zonal injection分層注水

                                              zonal testing分層測試

                                              zone 1 hazardous area一級危險區

                                              zones classification危險區域劃分

                                              Z-density log  Z—密度