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                                              【Enlarge Vocabulary】 Get more petroleum vocabulary(N-O)
                                              Zhong Hai Lin   |   2022-12-08   |   views:360



                                              native pressure原始地層壓力

                                              natural completion 正常完井

                                              natural decline(depletion)自然遞減

                                              natural gamma ray log自然伽馬測井

                                              NGS(natural gamma ray spectrometry log) 自然伽馬能譜測井

                                              natural potential自然電位 natural production decline 產量自然遞減

                                              neutron –gamma spectrum logging 中子伽馬能譜測井

                                              NLL(neutron-lifetime logging)中子壽命測井

                                              neutron tub中子管

                                              NML(nuclear magnetism log)核磁測井 

                                              NMRI(nuclear magnetic resonance imaging)核磁共振成象

                                              nuclear magnetic resonance log核磁共振測井

                                              numerical control數控

                                              no cost item無價值項目

                                              non-conventional well非常規井

                                              nipple-down tree拆卸井口裝置

                                              near-surface layer表層

                                              negative pressure perforation負壓射孔

                                              near gauge hole井徑規則的井

                                              near wellbore formation damage近井地層損害

                                              negotiated bidding協商招標

                                              negotiated price協商價格

                                              negotiation of contract terms合同條款的協商

                                              net cost成本價

                                              net porosity有效孔隙度

                                              night operation 夜間作業

                                              night shift夜班


                                              nitrogen cushion氮氣墊

                                              nitrogen displacement替氮

                                              nitrogen service液氮作業

                                              notice of change更改通知單

                                              no-go guide扶正套

                                              nominal power額定功率

                                              nominal voltage額定電壓

                                              non-commercial pool無開采價值的油藏


                                              non-damaging drilling無損害鉆井

                                              non-essential stipulation非主要條款

                                              non-fractured reservoir非裂縫性油藏

                                              nonoperator party非作業方

                                              non-paraffinous oil不含蠟石油

                                              nonpay zone非產油層

                                              non-perforated interval非射孔井段

                                              nonproducing reserves未動用儲量      

                                              nonproductive petroleum reservoir無開采價值的油藏

                                              non-recurring repair臨時修理


                                              nonreusable gun一次性射孔槍

                                              non-routine procedure非常規方法

                                              non-routine sampling非常規取樣

                                              nonupset tubing平式油管

                                              normal inspection正常檢查

                                              normal maintenance日常維修

                                              normal production test常規生產測試            

                                              none run未下井,未測

                                              near surface completion表層測井

                                              normal shutdown正常停產

                                              no show oil and gas無油氣顯示

                                              nipple up tree安裝采油樹

                                              nipple up wellhead安裝井口



                                              occupational injury工傷

                                              oil base mud油基泥漿

                                              objective interval目的層段

                                              overall development program總體開發方案

                                              off-angle drilling鉆斜井


                                              office operation室內作業

                                              official copy正本

                                              off-job accident崗位外事故

                                              offset data 鄰井資料                         

                                              offset information對比資料

                                              offsetting injector(與生產井)對應的注水井

                                              offsetting well補償井,鄰井

                                              offshore activities(operation)海上作業

                                              offshore boring 近海鉆探

                                              offshore completion海上完井

                                              offshore drilling海上鉆井

                                              offshore drilling platform海上鉆井平臺

                                              offset log補測的測井曲線

                                              offshore shelf近海大陸架

                                              offshore oil exploration海上石油勘探

                                              offsite surveillance現場外監督

                                              off-take rate開采速度

                                              off-take well 生產井


                                              oil and gas bearing basin含油盆地

                                              oil-gas contact油氣界面

                                              OH&S(Occupational Health and Safety)職業健康與安全

                                              operation instructions操作說明書

                                              oil initially in place原始石油地質儲量

                                              oil gas accumulation油氣聚集

                                              oil-base drilling fluid油基鉆井液

                                              oil-bearing basin含油盆地

                                              oil-bearing block含油區塊

                                              oil-bearing horizon(zone)含油層

                                              oil-bearing reservoir儲油層

                                              oil-bearing sand含油砂巖

                                              oil-bearing structure含油構造

                                              oil column thickness含油層厚度

                                              oil damper液壓減震器

                                              oil detection石油勘查

                                              oil-displacement mechanism驅油機理

                                              oilfield experience現場經驗

                                              oil field production capacity油田產能

                                              oil-filled cable oil電纜絕緣油

                                              oil finder石油勘探工作者

                                              oil-gas-water three-phase separator油氣水三相分離器

                                              oil recovery technique采油工藝

                                              oil reservoir engineering油藏工程

                                              oil potential潛在儲量

                                              oil producing region采油區

                                              oil property原油性質

                                              oil productivity index采油指數

                                              oil saturation含油飽和度

                                              oil seepage油苗

                                              oil shale油頁巖

                                              oil ship油輪

                                              oil source rock生油巖

                                              oil truck油罐車

                                              oil viscosity油的粘度

                                              oil well casing油井套管

                                              oil well paraffin removal equipment油井清蠟設備

                                              oil well performance data 油井動態資料

                                              oil well pump抽油泵

                                              oil well testing油井測試

                                              offshore installation manager平臺經理

                                              old-well deeper drilling老井加深鉆井

                                              old well worked over老井大修

                                              one trip run起下一次管柱作業

                                              on-site calibration現場調試

                                              on-site interpretation現場解釋

                                              on-site maintenance現場維修

                                              on-site validation現場驗收

                                              on-stream maintenance不停工維修

                                              on-the-job training在職培訓

                                              on-the-job accident操作事故

                                              open bidding公開招標

                                              open fire明火

                                              open-flange flow cross法蘭四通

                                              open-front tower  A形井架

                                              open hole bridge plug裸眼橋塞

                                              open hole caliper井徑儀

                                              open hole completion裸眼完井

                                              open hole DST,open hole test裸眼井地層測試

                                              open hole fishing裸眼打撈

                                              open hole formation(section)裸眼井段

                                              opening of tender開標

                                              open tender公開招標,公開投標

                                              operating agreement作業協議

                                              operating charges操作費用

                                              operating company甲方,作業公司

                                              operating cost作業費用

                                              operating crew施工隊,作業班

                                              operating efficiency作業效率

                                              operating failure操作失誤

                                              operating license操作許可證

                                              operating personnel操作員

                                              operating platform操作平臺

                                              operating program作業程序

                                              operating repair小修

                                              operating risk作業風險

                                              operating tool string施工管柱

                                              operating well測試井,作業井

                                              operational base工作基地

                                              operational contract作業合同

                                              operation license營業執照

                                              operation room操作室

                                              operation study操作培訓

                                              operation through tubing過油管作業

                                              operator party作業方

                                              operator's license操作證

                                              optimal field development program最佳油田開發方案

                                              optimizing fracturing treatment design優化壓裂設計

                                              optimum completion design完井優化設計

                                              optimum feasible program最佳可行方案

                                              oral agreement口頭協定                      

                                              oral contract口頭協議

                                              organic rock有機巖

                                              orientation spool定位短節

                                              orientation well定向井

                                              orientation well survey定向井測量

                                              original drawing原圖

                                              original field recording現場原始記錄

                                              O ring O形圈,密封圈

                                              oriented perforating定向射孔


                                              over time加班


                                              outer armour(電纜)外纜皮

                                              out-of-round oversized hole大肚子井

                                              out of order有故障

                                              output well生產井

                                              overall development plan(program)總體開發方案

                                              overall injection-withdrawal ratio綜合注采比


                                              overbalanced perforation正壓射孔


                                              overhaul charge 修理費

                                              overhead charge 管理費,雜項開支

                                              overtime pay加班費


                                              old well plugged back老井封堵

                                              old well sidetracked老井側鉆

                                              old well worked over老井大修